One man’s accident, is another thousand’s delay

//One man’s accident, is another thousand’s delay

One man’s accident, is another thousand’s delay

We’ll be late for work today. I was expecting perhaps a minute or two. But here we are going 9 miles per hour on I-14. That’s 50 less than the actual marked speed. Perhaps 55, I would need to double check. You might be wonder why we’d be driving so slow. Perhaps, you might think, it is because of the dense population in this area.

Indeed, I just counted 40 cars in our immediate surroundings with many times that stretched on down 14. The scale of humanity in and around major cities is staggering. But no, this is not why the roads have crawled to a halt. It’s really because someone was driving recklessly. Now I wonder, as we crawl along these dips and curves how many people it will be.

Generally, it is a two-person accident. One person driving too fast, switching lanes without a turn signal, presuming that everything will go their way. The other too might have been acting up, their combined chaos creating the situation that has now cost many days of life for people. I don’t know how many other people see it that way but I most certainly do.

Every time this happens I am robbed of a few extra minutes of my life. It might sound petty but imagine if the doors on your house randomly locked from time to time and trapped you inside for tens of minutes? Or if that’s too pleasant, imagine if your car did this.

A lack of thought lead to all these people being put behind. Truckers will end up behind schedule. Which might not be a huge concern, I’m not sure what their lifestyles are like. But the point remains that the amount of revenue lost during these incidents is staggering. As we reach I-5, no sign of the actual incident visible to us (only aware of it because of Google/Waze) I see scores of semi-trucks frozen in the truck lanes.

Perhaps the incident happened in there. Unlikely to have been between truckers in my experience. I will continue to wonder what folly lead to that delay. But in the big city, an accident Is not just an accident. It’s a cascading problem with far reaching impact. An ultimately avoidable one as well.

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