Operation 52 – An Update.

//Operation 52 – An Update.

Operation 52 – An Update.

  So it may seem like I haven’t kept up with this. That’s partially true. I did miss a week, that week I was getting married and so my mind was wandering. However I do feel that I have a little bit of leeway, seeing as the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide was actually 4 books in 1 it seems like a bit of a win.

  However tonight I should finish this weeks book and get back on track. I’ve also been reading Penny Arcade books on the side which may have me ahead as well. We shall see, at any rate. I have not forgotten and the operation is already on. 52 Books (at least) in 52 weeks, I feel this is a doable goal :).

Don’t let this update hide the previous one. I would like as many people as possible to read it, given the state of politics.


If you’ve made an account my account deletion thing deleted them all. I’m going to stop using it, just make a new account with the same name and everything should sync.

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