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OTTO ~ Death

  I would like to begin this series at the end. Mostly because it is one of the largest motivators of life, perhaps the largest motivator, every one of our actions is pushed forward by the knowledge that we must do things now because tomorrow is never a guarantee. Death is the most terrifying thing for billions of people, if it were not we would not see such widespread organizations designed solely to eliminate its power.

  I look at Death as a failure, Death is what happens when a species fails to overcome the frailties of their design. For nearly every single species on Earth this failure will continue ad infinitum until the last of them is dead, but for Humans we have options. Options is really where the beauty of the mind comes in, we have the capacity to overcome death and to free humanity (largely) from the confines of fear.

   Each person that dies is another notch on the wall of shame for humanity, a memorial that stretches thousands if not millions of miles long. It features all the names of those we have failed throughout human history, for so many centuries this failure has been wrought by the very fear that it could alleviate. So many countless hours lost to pandering our fear, to believing that just be thinking it not that it will suddenly go away.

I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring. – Richard Feynman 

  Death truly is a boring notion to me. If I manage to make it to a point where death is inevitable I will be most certainly disappointed. There is nothing of value in it to me, if there is an afterlife (a notion for another OTTO) it is not something that appeals to me, I am not interested in other options, I am interested in this one. No being could be glorious enough to interest me more than the here and now, this life and this universe, there are so many things to explore and to pick apart. We have nearly infinite bigs and nearly infinite smalls. I want to touch each and every one, to learn every piece of data till my brain bleeds information.

  So for me, there is no beauty in death, there is nothing I find admirable or precious in it. I neither celebrate it nor do I scold it, it is of no interest. I honestly do not care what death may bring as I would rather it never be the caregiver of any new experience for me.

  I look at this most inevitable conclusions as sloppy writing, death is a brush stroke of thinner across a beautiful tapestry. It is without merit and all that it alleviates only exists because of it. It is one of the most obnoxious Catch-22’s and to strike death itself down would be the most beautiful accomplishment I think Otter#2humans could ever manage.

  I think this most clearly explains my feelings on death. A petty and pathetic creature and the ultimate badge of dishonor, with each failure of humanity it rears its head. Each failed political move, each war, every lie, every piece of dishonesty in man, all these things lead invariably to death and it is only through them that such a petty thing can still so fruitfully prosper.

  Life is learning, Death is Ignorance.

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