OTTO ~ The Beginning

//OTTO ~ The Beginning

OTTO ~ The Beginning

  I would like to start writing a series. I’ve got a few writing projects in my mind that are all fictional and delightful (to me) but these are not the direction I would like to take OTTO. OTTO is short for “On the Topic of”, I like it because it is a Palindrome which ironically not a Palindrome. Technically it should be “On the Subject of” but really who wants OTSO?

  It’s quite simple, the main goal is to build a compendium of my exact thoughts on specific topics so that if I find myself needing to cite myself I can just type “OTTO ~ Subject” and get a quick return on my feelings. Likewise if I make enough of these I could publish it as some sort of weird compendium of the thoughts, sure I’m nobody famous and it might not sell but it would be fun. If L. Ron Hubbard can 9have silly books then why not me? That’s what I say. The format will be quite simple, the title will be straight forward and usually only a handful of words (preferably one), I will then discuss my feelings to the best of my knowledge on the subject. I will be speaking as if what I’m mentioning is fact but note in this introduction that I am saying what I think is the case. I can and very likely will be wrong from time to time, if I am I can come back to that OTTO and update it or it can remain as some wonderful little gem of a long forgotten me.

  No topic will be off limits, I think, and with that in mind if you happen to catch this update on Facebook I’d love any sort of suggestions on topics for me to cover. Apathy, Politics, Astrophysics, Biology, Evolution, Water, just about anything anyone can think of should be fun. If I had to set a total goal I’d figure 365 different OTTO’s would be delightful. It’s an arbitrary number of sorts, based obviously on the length of a year in days but otherwise not all that meaningful.

  But meaning is really what I hope to pull from this. Because the nature of OTTO is to answer the question “Who am I?” Something that I find difficult to answer from time to time, this will help chronicle who I am and help me to feel more tangible. Who knows, for the reader it might provide some entertainment and on occasion something may be learned.

  At the end of each OTTO will be a quote box with links to all previous OTTOs, and this one will be no exception. I want folks to see this one in particular and to know my intent. It is to expand my own mind, to Otter#1understand myself, and to hopefully touch others. To reach out across space and time and deliver a message that may have never been otherwise. That is the beauty of the written word.

  So lets get this a sending and I’ll think of my first topic. I’ll also see about making some kind of Logo for this thing. Until I have a logo I’ll just include a random picture of an otter. That seems most sensible.


PS. Apologies if anything in this post is totally out of whack. Just before I finish one of my kittens ran across the keyboard. I think I fixed all the things she typed out.

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