Pink Toes and Pedophilia

//Pink Toes and Pedophilia

Pink Toes and Pedophilia

  This is a fairly short post to make today. Mostly because I’m recovering from wisdom teeth removal and also because there isn’t much to add.

  If you know anyone who was offended by the J.Crew. ad, call up Chris Matthews because they are a pedophile. All those news reporters on TV who are horrified, them too, every person who looked at that kid and thought sexual thoughts. Who tried to take an innocent moment with his mother and sexualize it, they are all pedophiles at one level or another.

  A normal person sees that ad and goes “Oh look a mother and son having a moment of bonding, albeit staged for a photo shoot but the gesture is nice nonetheless.” A person who thinks of children and sex in the same sentence says what all these outraged people says.

  So yeah, if you want to know if your kids are safe with that new baby sitter. Ask them how that ad made them feel.

  That’s my drug induced rant for the day. Watching the whole coverage of this was troubling, especially considering the huge quantity of old bald white men discussing the sexuality of young boys.

  And to anyone who just was outraged for ratings, you suck too. You at least aren’t a freak, but you certainly shouldn’t be in your line of work.

  Keep in mind I have nothing against homosexuality at all. But this isn’t a matter of gay bashing, this is people looking at kids and thinking of all the sexual contexts of their actions. This sort of shit should set off way more red flags than it does.

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