Politics and Family ~ Fragile Fraternity

//Politics and Family ~ Fragile Fraternity

Politics and Family ~ Fragile Fraternity

  There is a golden rule to a happy life that I suggest everyone heed, never speak politics with your family. Politics as it stands now is a truly devious beast, it is up on a pedestal as one of very few topics that your own relatives will happily lie to you about. Brutal lies, lies that in their core trivialize the deaths of others and the hardships of poverty and the sadness of watching ones own children suffer wounds that are easily treated or sicknesses that are easily shortened or eliminated.

  Politics is the source of the evil and damaging ignorance that leads some parents to not vaccinate their children, it is the silver tongued monster that whispers in the ear of the people you love and makes them grin ear to ear while they sew together a dozen different tall tales.

  I love a good story and I love a good fictional story, but the beauty of fiction is that at the end of that great tale you don’t need to apologize for anything. I also love politics in its core, the essence and point of the entire operation. The modern political sphere and the impact of globalization has created a dirty place.

  There are few things in my life that I find nearly unforgiveable, lying, stealing, and rape. Murder also falls into this spectrum when it is not for the immediate survival of the individual, which is almost always not the case. To be lied to by a stranger is something simple and clean, I can despise them and move on with my life. But what does one do when that liar is someone closer? How do you resolve the situation of someone you literally relate to that is more than merry about misleading you?

  This sickness needs cleansing and until some serious work is done I don’t think it is safe to talk to relatives about politics. It’s not a matter of being sheltered either, it isn’t a matter of debating which side of certain issues people fall upon. It’s the literal difference between the truth and lies. It is the illusion that just because you want to believe something that makes it as legitimate and acceptable as the reality.

  That fetid foolishness smells worse than any body odor, it curdles milk beyond ingestion and leaves the body and mind weak from lack of nutrition.

  I could go on but I will not, I am feeling quite good after a day with my own family, two cats and my wife, the three pillars of my personal life at this time. They hold me sturdy so as to not rock back and forth.

  While it is not all encompassing I am going to just leave a helpful beginning link to the topic that nearly caused me to explode twice on my vacation. Healthcare comparison between the US and Canada. Just glad the flight was as soon as it was, the aggravation actually made me nauseous on the way home. I was sweating in the airport for no better reason than I was on the edge of metaphorically exploding (which is not something you should ever be doing literally or metaphorically anywhere near an airport in any fashion).

  Tomorrow we’ll talk about my three experiences with the TSA during this vacation, they were each remarkably different and the last one might be the perfect example of exactly how airport security should be. [To which I say, Kudos to the Kansas City TSA, You get a gold star.]

  After that I think I’ll write about my method for evading confirmation bias. I’m certain that I am lead astray from time to time but there are some tools I use to constantly grow and in the end better myself.


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