Politics and the “Argument of Ignorance”

//Politics and the “Argument of Ignorance”

Politics and the “Argument of Ignorance”

  There is something called the “Argument from Ignorance” and that’s not what I’m talking about today. No today we are going to (kind of) talk about SOPA. But, you say, we just did! Well no I’m not here to rant on about SOPA again but more what people should do about it now. Specifically you should find out if your local congressmen supported it at >any< time and never vote for them again. Find everyone you know and tell them not to vote for these people. I’m going to give you two very strong reasons why.

  The first reason Politicians might pass laws like this is they are self indulgent narcissists, people who only went into politics to play the power game and control the lives of thousands or millions. This is the cynics approach, perhaps the accurate one, that all these people are in politics because politics attracts just these kind of people. Now I realize the failure of this point since the “regular people” had to vote in the same monsters over and over, so its largely on the shoulders of the average person for not being educated about politics (only enough to complain about it I suppose) but the fact remains that some people are like this. This is the first of only two reasons a lawmaker would vote for this (only two? dude getting ballsy). They have special interests, bribes (also known as lobbying dollars), or some other personal gain involved in doing this sort of thing. For some, in the case of SOPA, just by censoring the free exchange of information they secure their jobs indefinitely. From a survival standpoint I applaud their cold hearted drive to maintain a position that many don’t even have to stay in a home (as most are millionaires).

  I’ll start getting back into linking many of my points soon, so feel free to assume I’m making things up as I go. Just figured I’d get this out there.

  The second reason a Politician might pass a law like this is because they are ignorant of its dangers. You’ll hear this from the politicians that have now flip-flopped on their position for SOPA once they saw the huge backlash. These people are either liars or extremely dangerous. They’ve admitted that they were ignorant of the bills potential but still were voting for it? Imagine if your surgeon had no idea how to properly perform surgery but said “Fuck it. Lets do this.”

  These kind of people do not take their position seriously and should not be allowed to keep their job. They are absolutely deadly and, even if honest, are not fit for office. I would argue they aren’t fit for any leadership position. If you don’t know something you always ask. If nobody knows then you research it. But you never, ever, pass a law without being 100% aware of the consequences.

  This has been going on for a long time in the US but it gets worse with each generation. The power Politics is a game—move a stone here, move a stone there—except sometimes the stones bleed."individuals have to destroy the environment, to kill people, to disenfranchise people, these are now on the level of states, countries, or entire continents. There needs to be an extremely serious approach to this.

  You cannot have a dim wit smiling as he talks about invading Iraq, you cannot have people who are either malicious or ignorant passing laws in congress, and you cannot expect anything good in the future for as long as these things are not fixed.

  Do not vote for anyone who supported SOPA. No matter the reason these people are dangerous, the same should be said for any bill that is nearly passed that has dire consequences. The people are either evil or stupid and neither is an acceptable political status.

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