Project 52: What If?

//Project 52: What If?

Project 52: What If?

The first book of this year is one that I’m fairly excited for. That isn’t to say I’m not excited about the other books but you are supposed to be upbeat about reading. Randall Munroe is the creator of XKCD, if you didn’t know that I’d presume you didn’t read the cover of the book. But what is XKCD? In a word: Clever.

Far more clever than I am. It’s one of my favorite web comics. Strangely I ignore it for weeks and then return for a binge. Each time reminding myself that there are some genuinely brilliant and talented people out there. It isn’t that I forget either, the reminder is more like remembering that you breath. Once you do it there is a long period where you can’t stop thinking about it and then you get complacent and forget again for a tick.

Randall’s writing has always spoken to me. It’s funny and smart. The only complaint I have so far is that his name has too many l’s in it. Honestly. I keep wanting to write Randal. My name is not “Michaell”. There are children starving somewhere, we can’t be so gluttonous with our consonants. Think of the children.


Well? Are you? Are you thinking about the children?

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