“pubit!” by Barnes and Noble

//“pubit!” by Barnes and Noble

“pubit!” by Barnes and Noble

  I’ve been looking into this service and I think that I may begin publishing my short stories with it. I was working on a price point and figured that 3.99 for a short story shouldn’t be too bad. We’ll see if anyone bites and hopefully I’ll get some good word of mouth.

  This is exciting for me, I’ll see what I can do about a cover image and converting it to a non-PDF format since that is not acceptable apparently.

  For those curious about the lack of updates I’ve merely been a little busy. I’m many books ahead of schedule with Project 52, so I’ll update that as soon as I can. As of now I’m reading a half of a half dozen books, or 3, for those of you who appreciate things not being mischievously described.

  I am truly interested in seeing if I could strike a profit from my writing, if it were to start taking off I could certainly see motivation driving more forward into a career that would make me quite happy. But lest not I begin counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, or before the eggs have even been laid. I’ll merely smile and hope that with a few tweaks my first complete short story (short enough to fit fully within 15 pages) will garner some approval and perhaps an inquiry or two from readers.

  Very exciting indeed.

  I’m also wondering if I want to have DRM on the stuff or not, I think I’ll go with no because the spreading of my writing could help get more people interested in my work and maybe net me some more readers. That’s always a positive!

  Math Note: At 3.99 I’d be charging people just over a quarter a page, I would hope that the quality of the writing would be deemed worthy of that. Since I’ve spent 4 times that much on a rocket launcher in a game or far more than 4 times that much on a single magic card, I’m going to be cross my fingers.

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