Raid Day Easter Sunday

//Raid Day Easter Sunday

Raid Day Easter Sunday

You can find the text logs for this fight here and the video will be linked below. We’ll see if it renders.

Tonight’s raid went alright. We didn’t down Blackhand but the actual fight was enjoyable. I had some weird errors with my PC that likely came from not restarting when my webcam explicitly begged me to. I don’t like to be told what to do by my software. Though, I’ll admit, it was probably right. In the end the stream went alright. I ran the game in 1080p on my computer and streamed it at 1080p online through our Wireless alone. That’s pretty cool. Framerates dropped to around 30 at some points, that isn’t as cool. I’m going to look through and see where my bottleneck might be. Nothing I own was running at 100% which leaves me somewhat perplexed.

Additionally I ran a test on Futuremark and my system came out as such:


Regardless I’m still nervous about the system. I think these last few build projects have broken me. My next computer, long long from now, when this one finally breaks, will likely be prebuilt. It sure as shit won’t be an HP or a Dell, it’ll likely be from MaximumPC or some place like that. Don’t know yet and it won’t be necessary for years if this system maintains. Hell, I could probably get more length out of this by just changing my case. As it stands this case is getting a bit long in the teeth. The threads in spots are wearing and it just doesn’t provide me with the modularity that I need.

Still really lovely though. I have few, if any, complaints. I don’t know what you call it when someone junctures additional words between commas but I love to do it. I bet its a fopah that is strictly taught against in writing courses. Education be damned! I write as I think and I think…sometimes…accidentally.

Did you see that? I used ellipses in the totally wrong way. I’m a Maverick.

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