Raid Day Monday

//Raid Day Monday

Raid Day Monday

You can find the text logs to today’s fight here. The video will come as it always does within 24 hours. If nothing else I’m at least getting to bombard YouTube with some massive files. That’s always nice. The fights today went fairly smoothly as you’d expect now that we’ve gotten Normal basically down. This means that soon we’ll be looking into Heroic. I’m certainly going to be there, but I must admit that I’ll be most excited for getting down 4 Heroic Gorefiends. The first bosses have become too familiar and they just don’t “do it for me” as it were.

Our group is solid though. A lot of nice folks having a good time is swell. I think the most unfortunate part of this expansion is that Blizzard is easily making the best raids of their lives and millions of people aren’t seeing them. Damn shame, but that is life I suppose. Lots of things either come too late or too soon, either being the death knell to their success. Is what it is.

I’ve got a pretty fun project planned for my Birthday, just a few more weeks and I can unveil it. It should provide me with plenty of content to keep this website moving. Not much else to add. Once the video is here, enjoy, I suppose.

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