Raid Day Monday

//Raid Day Monday

Raid Day Monday

I believe we’ve finally hit the point where normal is “done“. We wiped on Mannoroth but that was because we had a stand-in tank that was wearing DPS gear. It is what it is. Otherwise the entire run through was pretty uneventful. We took care of Gorefiend in Heroic to make sure that we were still on track for that.

Otherwise I think we’ve just about done it. Other than get tier pieces and defeat normal Archimonde I don’t think we have much left to accomplish in Normal. Which leaves Heroic between me and going into full on casual mode with World of Warcraft. I’m not thinking I’ll quit cold turkey but I can see myself cutting it down even more than I already have (which is basically nothing). It’s a shame because the game has so much it could be offering but the team has just seemingly thrown it all to the wayside.

It’s like writing a hundred books in a single universe and then ignoring it all when you write your one hundred and first. Not even necessarily retconning it, just ignoring its existence. You occasionally point to it, but the references are cold and distant, as if you are ashamed of what you’ve done. That’s how the game feels now. They distance themselves from their old content making it irrelevant. When you see how they treat it the tone becomes set for you.

If they don’t care, should I? Once a game reaches this stage of thought does it cease to be a medium of entertainment? I feel like this relationship may have run its course but I’m just in denial about it. We’ll see how the next expansion goes but I’m guessing I’m about to hang up my gloves. It’s not because of any of the stereotypes, I still don’t think wow has ever really been a “crack” kind of game. To me that was more folks pushing their own addictive personalities onto the game instead of taking responsibility.

It doesn’t try hard enough to be that game, I don’t know if it ever really has. Unless you take it to its extreme, I suppose.

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