Raid Day Monday

//Raid Day Monday

Raid Day Monday

Today I got one of my BIS trinkets. It isn’t something to be grumpy about, so I won’t be. Instead I’ll be grumpy about my annual attempt at getting rare holiday mounts. I swear to jesus there is just no reason for me to try and get these things. It’s something like three centuries before you are likely to get one with their drop rate and the number of days per year that you can attempt it. This is one of the reasons I don’t like MMOs. They base their experiences on the macro. “We’ll hand out 500 of these mounts a year.”

When I’m concerned with the micro. I don’t give a shit if 500 people get it this year, if I’m not one of them that is meaningless to me. I don’t care if 5 million people get it this year, if I’m not one of them it is meaningless to me. The value of my achievements are not determined by others. I am happy with what I’ve got regardless of how many other people have it. As long as we both put in the same amount of effort, that’s cool. And even THEN I probably don’t care. When things I finished get easier in wow for other people I don’t even care. I don’t write an angry post about it to Blizzard or claim that my accomplishments have been diminished.

I absolutely loath RNG. There is nothing of value to be drawn from it. All it serves to do is aggravate me.

That said, glad I got my trinket.

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