Raid Day Monday ~ Archimonde is Dead

Today we defeated Archimonde. It actually didn’t go bad. We took a fair number attempts on it but none of them actually annoyed me. Archimonde with the “ping pong” strategy is far easier than I was expecting. It’s relaxing, engaging, and you get to really enjoy the visuals. My DPS wasn’t all that great but it was good enough (clearly since we finished it).

I had to watch the ending video online since it didn’t play for me, and ultimately I only got gold from my reroll (the drops were shit), but at least my ring got upgraded. I think this was a perfectly fine final fight, we still haven’t done it on Heroic so maybe my tone will change. But at least on Normal it was perfectly acceptable and gets a solid B from me. It is considerably better than the travesty that was the Deathwing final fight or the absolutely terrible fight that was Hellscream. So they are 3 for 3 this expansion for perfectly acceptable boss fights…though I suppose The Imperator on Heroic was terrible.