Raid Day Monday ~ Heroic Socrethar

Tonight we killed Socrethar. It wasn’t bad, the new strategy was fairly painless and…almost…MAYBE fun. I don’t want to give them too much credit for that fight on heroic. It’s a bit too random. All the videos showing it as casual mode have the perfect portal setup. RNG should never determine if a fight is easy or dogshit.

We also downed Archimonde, I think we basically have that fight down. I quite like that fight. Maybe the best (normal) boss fight of the expansion. >Far< better than the Imperator fight. We also fought Xhul tonight. Unfortunately he's still kind of a piece of shit. His biggest problem is that he has a few really unfun mechanics, they aren't "Challenging" they are just obnoxious. The imps in particular are just boring as dirt and they keep coming, over, and over, and over, and over, and jesus christ can they just stop coming. It's up between this and the Assault as my two least favorite fights. We got him to <1% DPS, multiple times, and that's just not a fun feeling. I'd much rather wipe on 10% or something because when you get to ~0% it starts to feed into that "we've got this" mentality. Which sets folks up for a harder fall. Xhul will die the next time we fight him, that's no question, it's just meh. Even his drops are kinda boring for me. Darn shame. This game needs more Diablo style fun gear.