Raid Day Monday ~ On to Heroic Archimonde

//Raid Day Monday ~ On to Heroic Archimonde

Raid Day Monday ~ On to Heroic Archimonde

Tonight we downed Heroic Mannoroth with relative ease. It was pretty satisfying and I still enjoy him, even on Heroic. We moved onto Heroic Archimonde following that (well ok, a little in between that which I’ll be omitting). I do think we actually have it down but we made the classic mistake of trying to play through people’s exhaustion.

This is a mistake we make often and I suspect we’ll continue to make it up until the end of our raiding time together. It’s fine, doesn’t bother me really, but raiding is a bit like driving. Doing it tired is basically as dangerous as doing it drunk. Why people discount just how extremely bad exhaustion is for your mind is beyond me. Even what I’m writing now, probably could be better if I wasn’t super sleepy.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and read this and think…jesus…what the hell was that about?

I enjoy the Archimonde fight and I do think we basically have it “down”. We just need to be awake and giving it our full attention. The fight is well designed as far as I can tell and generally we do great in these circumstances.

It is going to be very nice to put the final stamp on my raiding time with wow. I don’t know if I’ll miss it, but I can’t say I regret having given it a go. I’ve met some neat people in the process.

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