Raid Day Monday!: Two Piece is Best Piece!

You can find the text logs for the fight here. Many moons from now the video will be visible here as well. I got the two piece from the current tier today. I quite like it, ends up working well with the Shaman rotation. This isn’t always true. Some of the two (or four) piece bonuses make me tilt my head and think “The fuck were they thinking with that?”

Indeed the 4 piece for Enhancement is so boring sounding that I fear I might literally fall asleep if I get it. Don’t get me wrong, on a technical level it is very good. But when you consider my last tier set would have turned me into a wolf during combat…I’m a bit unimpressed. Shadow-Lord Iskar might be a bit overtuned but it is not an entirely terrible fight. Gorefiend is still awesome in my opinion. Killrog is alright, the council is still good, and finally Kormrok is a visual pleasure while also being fairly fun.

The only complaint I have about the latter is that Komrok’s red rune mechanic is terrible. It’s like I coded it. Seriously, what the hell happened there?