Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac still sucks.

//Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac still sucks.

Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac still sucks.

You can find the text logs for today here. I’ve also included the video of the Black Hole presumably dividing by zero. Well, less jokingly, I suspect the vector math they are using didn’t take into consideration negative values and so there I went. Instead of being pulled say 50 units of force I was pulled negative 50 units. Which, as you see, launched my ass off the map.

I still don’t know how I feel about this fight. It is fun but it upsets me deeply. The balance is off, the mechanics seem broken, and we repeatedly die after a fair amount of time investment. It is unfortunate because I think what we all need is progress. This wall is slowly dissolving the team which is a darn shame. These raids are a little rough for me because my work right now is pretty intense. That means you are bouncing from an intense day at work to an intense raid day.

I’m not a quick consumer of content in warcraft but I must admit it feels like their releases are getting lighter and lighter. This is a darn shame because the quality is astounding in many ways. I’m in a position where I want to know what is coming next because I’m just not really digging it. It all seems to come back to LFR being a mess. I think of all the decisions they’ve made in the last few expansions that LFR becoming an (effectively) automated experience was their worst change.

Once YouTube updates with the full video I’ll add it here. For now though you can enjoy me getting gimped by a broken game mechanic. Just can’t escape game bugs at work or at home, I guess.

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