Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac

//Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac

Raid Day Monday ~ Xhul’horac

You can find the logs for this fight here. Video of the fight will come once YouTube gets off its toosh and gives me a URL. The basic concept of the fight is simple enough. You’ve got two elements in this fight, void and fel. If one touches the other a big explosion happens and anyone within 20 yards takes a fuck ton of damage. Fair enough, I don’t mind that. What I do mind is that the balance seems all sorts of out of whack. The swirls of the void adds can easily be hidden by the massive models of the boss and the void walker partner he summons. Additionally the addition of a black hole is not really well fit for this fight.

It looks great. The boss design is excellent and I don’t hate the mechanics. What I do hate is the Dunning–Kruger effect you get from ranged folks that can’t comprehend the difference between dodging a swirl when its the only damn thing around you and dodging it when you’ve got 4 imps to monitor, two bosses stacked, and a bunch of void adds bouncing around in your group. Get two of them on you just out of sync with one another and you’ve literally got to never stop moving because you’ll always have a swirl beneath you.

Honestly that was the worst part of tonight’s run. I nearly signed off. It’s one of those problems I’ve had in my life over the last year. People incapable of understanding that x and y are not analogous. Yes, a plymouth horizon and a tesla model S are both cars, but you’ll be damned if you can get the same performance out of that horizon. Just because two things seem similar does not mean that they are similar. Likewise you can’t relate tangential experiences as if they are synonymous. Borderline infuriating.

So I think that’s my problem with the design of this fight. There is a very large difficulty curve for melee on it. You must run the furthest to get green to safety, you must see through the largest amount of chaffee to dodge ground bullshit, and you are likely the ones mass interrupting the fel adds. It is problematic and sort of suggests they weren’t thinking too well about how the different mechanisms interweaved.

Don’t get me wrong, this game I’m working on will likely be just as much of a mess. But I also don’t have millions of dollars and a decade of experience behind me in raid and MMO game design. Some things shouldn’t make it past PTR. I think this one needed a bit of TLC before game time.

Still, not terrible. Just a bit lopsided.

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