Raid Day Monday

//Raid Day Monday

Raid Day Monday

You can find the text logs for the fight here. As so often is the case you’ll get the video logs in a few million years once YouTube catches up. The fights tonight went very well. Tonight we fought Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zakuun, and Mannoroth. I’ll talk about each in order (only a little because it’s late and I should get some rest).

Tyrant Velhari is a peculiar fight at first. I initially thought she was just a mad hodgepodge of different abilities that didn’t really work. But as we got to know the fight I found that I was most certainly wrong! This is a pretty cool fight! I like fights where things go smoothly if everyone is putting in some effort. Nothing about this fight feels particularly broken and most of the effects look good. The gist of the fight is that you are transitioning through three different raid wide effects that each alter the way you perceive the game and play. The first will hurt you with every step you take, the second will hurt you with every breath you take, every single raid, every time you heal, it’ll be hurting you. Wait… I got sidetracked there.

The second stage will lower your health over time. And I don’t recall what the last stage did, I think it increased your damage done and damage taken. Regardless Velhari gets two big thumbs up from me. She lives up to her name and the fight was quite a lot of fun.

Next we’ve got Fel Lord Zakuun. He’s still a faceroll but I don’t mind. It is nice to have a good looking fight that is also relaxing. Especially when the fight following will be one of the biggest bosses (literally if we are going strictly by size) in the raid. Zakuun, I’m told, is very hard in heroic. We aren’t there for now though so he’s a good deal of fun.

The last fight we had for today was Mannoroth. I’ve been excited to see this fight since we began, it was the only one that really interested me. Mannoroth has, for a long time, been this mysterious figure for me. He ended up in a few dungeons before, some back story content, a raid. The dude has been around. The fight starts with you fighting three summoners which each cause different demons to come from the nether. We originally tried fighting them clockwise, which was a mistake. The next time we fought them counter clockwise and it was just dandy.

After stage one you move into Mannoroth himself. He starts out as a husk of his former self, complaining about how he isn’t strong enough to fight us. Over time his flesh returns and you fight the reincarnated demon at his full glory. We got to 38% before he ultimately ended us. So far from what I’ve seen I really like him. His abilities are all neat, the interactions are fun, and the adds are all cool. I will say that, maybe, there are too many adds. He’s such a great set piece that it is a shame people can’t focus on him visually. But it isn’t problematic enough that I’d dock any points.

Good time tonight. Xhul is terrible but the rest are more or less fun. We’ll just act like the assault and the iron reaver don’t exist. Yeah…let’s do that.

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