Raid Day Sunday

//Raid Day Sunday

Raid Day Sunday

You can find the text logs for the fights today here. As always the video is coming right up. It’s currently uploading and encoding.

Blackrock Foundry is in a weird state for me. In terms of quality I really like most of the fights on normal. As we move into Heroic I’m seeing small problems that actually do a lot to hinder the enjoyment of the altercations. This normally wouldn’t be a problem. You could just go back to normal and practice there. However this is where the major flaw in the whole thing arises. We spent a while before the release of Blackrock farming Heroic Highmaul. This means that our current gear is nearly almost always better than the normal gear in Blackrock. So the majority of the fights there are either no pieces of gear worth having (making the fights a waste of your time) or there is only one piece of gear on their list worth having (making the odds of you getting it slim and none).

You end up in a weird limbo state where you are either having fun and making no progress, or making some progress and having no fun. That’s an issue to me and one that I hope gets resolved in some hotfixes soon.

Unrelated to raiding we managed to get another two characters from 1 to 80 in a weekend. So that’s nice. I think I’ve only got two more before I have an entire roster of characters ready to eat up Draenor. Once I complete this task I might be largely done with wow for now. Not going to quit but I’ll be reigning in my playtime and getting into other things again.

Anywho, those are my thoughts for today. Once we actually defeat Blackhand I’ll see about getting a review out for the raid. I might even do coverage on the different wings since we’ve finished all but the last of them. That sounds like a good plan. Memo to self.

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