Raid Day Sunday

//Raid Day Sunday

Raid Day Sunday

It sounds an awful lot like Blizzard reads my website. I’m certain they don’t but it is nice to see them addressing my concern with the current Blackrock Foundry setup. At any rate you can find the text logs for today’s raiding here. Additionally once it uploads you can find the video for it below.

Tonight was much more fun than Thursday. Ultimately I still don’t feel all that great about the experience but once the new changes go in I should come around. It was also nice to see a Shaman that outgeared me considerably not doing better than I was doing. It’s good to know that most of my shortcomings aren’t necessarily just me. That said, Shamans could be more fun. A few mechanics required to make them work optimally are just not ideal design choices. Flame shock in particular should be reset when it is spread. Other classes that do similar things (like a combat rogue doing blade flurry with poisons) don’t need to even think about it. They just do it and it works.

I don’t mind thinking, I love complicated games, but when so much rides on you paying attention to the fight there is a problem with also watching debuffs on enemies. Not much else to add tonight, Blast Furnace is still tough but the rest of the fights were a lot of fun. Even when I died.

Also got the games for this weeks “JustTheTip” downloading and I know what order I’ll be playing them. Should be fun! Looking forward to it.

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