Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand Backhand

//Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand Backhand

Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand Backhand

Tonight raiding was very difficult to pin down. Our heroic fights today went extremely rough with a lot of deaths that were likely avoidable. You can see the general data about that in text here. It’s interesting to see just how important a cohesive team is to completing warcraft raids. Even as single person being a bit squirly is enough to take down an entire team of well trained players.

Not that I’d say we are well trained. I’m certainly still just a casual player. I mean that more in the literal sense of the word than the more loaded bigoted sense. I like wow and I play it quite a bit but my interests are still surface level. The underlying theorycrafting involved with playing “perfectly” don’t matter to me in any way. I suppose it should since that’s important for the group (as I mentioned previously) but I don’t tend to be the source of our deaths.

The biggest problem I have is raiding so late at night. Because of it I’m going into these things tired. I can barely write when I’m tired. It’s a lot of fun for me to post at different times of the day and then read those posts at a later date. The further into the day we get the more incomprehensible they become. I become very, I don’t want to say succinct, but information light. Sentences make less sense, they have less emotion, and in general the posts are pretty much trash. It’s surreal to see it because I have trouble believing just how important being awake is. You don’t, or at least I don’t, really realize it in the moment. Even now this all seems fairly cohesive, a word I’ve used twice tonight, but I’m sure tomorrow it’ll look like the mad ramblings of a syphilitic brain.

Maybe I’ll contemplate invading Poland. Probably not.

You can watch the raid in its entirety below. It starts off extremely rough but once we get past the heroic stuff you get to see a pretty nice Blackhand fight. I might snip it out and make a highlight of it sometime. Maybe not. Who knows. I’ve got plenty more videos to upload.

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