Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand’s Fall

//Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand’s Fall

Raid Day Sunday – Blackhand’s Fall

Here is the magical last minute and a half of our final Blackhand run. It was one of those things where Shia LaBeouf was essential. Without him I’m certain we’d have wiped. I cut it a little too soon in the video I think, a second later he says “Nothing is Impossible.” That was certainly a mistake on my part, but is what it is. Now…onto the raid as a whole.

I’m glad I didn’t record my face tonight. There were quite a few rounds where I would have had a very nasty expression on my face. I felt like a magnet for spears on the final phase. I’d reincarnate only to have someone run through me (or after me) and nail me off the side of the platform. Luckily this whole thing ended with him being defeated. That makes all the lead up to that victory have far less of a punch. Naturally upon his defeat there was 0 gear for me to even glance at. Kind of a shame that they don’t drop 1 token for each group.

Is what it is. Just glad to have the achievement done. I have no desire to really fight him ever again. Not a terrible fight but it is one of those fights that you don’t really wish to return to once you’ve overcome it. I couldn’t imagine how mad I’d be at Mythic. It would be genuinely mythic I suspect.

Glad we can move into the next raid without that missed ahead of the curve looming over our heads :).

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