Raid Day Sunday ~ Heroic Blackrock Foundry

//Raid Day Sunday ~ Heroic Blackrock Foundry

Raid Day Sunday ~ Heroic Blackrock Foundry

Today we took down Flamebender, Kromog, and Iron Maidens with little trouble. It wasn’t until we got to Blast Furnace that things got messy. I don’t really fault anyone in the group for this. Blast Furnace is a weird fight that I’ve grown to feel something of indifference towards. The entire second phase is too cyclical and boring and it lasts forever. You have to grab an elemental, walk them over to an elementalist, kill them, then kill the elementalist, then clean up ads. You might think, oh that’s not bad, but then you have to do this three more times. Three! That’s 15 steps for a single phase. Most of which take upwards of 30 seconds to a minute. That’s a long time. Blackhand suffers from the same thing. Long phases only work if they are fun. The longer than usual phases in the Thunder King fight worked because he was fun and the things you were doing were fun.

But the Blast Furnace fight is mostly just smacking away at a boring mob for an inordinate amount of time. The first phase I actually really like. If this were a two phase fight I’d think it was one of the best fights in the dungeon. But it isn’t, its a three phase fight with one of the dryest middle portions that Blizzard has ever designed. It’s problematic too that the coolest perk of this dungeon (skipping straight to the final boss) requires beating this boss once a week for a month.

I can think of few things that I’d rather do less in this game than fight Heroic Blast Furnace once a week for a month. It’s a shame too because the area you fight looks neat, the boss looks neat (albeit simple), and the concept is neat. The poor execution on something that is otherwise setup for excitement is a darn shame. Anywho, you can find the text logs for today’s adventure here and the video is below.

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