Raid Day Thursday

//Raid Day Thursday

Raid Day Thursday

Wow I’m so incredibly exhausted. I wonder how often I start sentences with this? Regardless let’s get a few things out of the way. The first is that you can find text logs here.

The comment that was made is that we are so overgeared that we didn’t notice the mechanics in normal. Ultimately I don’t know what was the real reason for all the deaths tonight.

Raiding is weird. When it goes well its a pleasant experience but when it keeps going wrong it really starts to grate on you. I found myself dragging my feet for the majority of the fights. It WAS nice to get the top DPS moon and keep it for hours but that was mostly because we didn’t kill any bosses following that.

We’ll see how it goes Sunday. If the same thing repeats I think the weak links in the chain will be very obvious. I don’t mind it, as being Enhancement Shaman I’ve been the weak link many times, but it is still something that would need fixing. Not removing people but certainly swapping the classes an roles people are playing around.

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