Raid Day Thursday

//Raid Day Thursday

Raid Day Thursday

You can find the text logs for todays raiding experience here. As always you can find the video loading at some point in the future below. I’ve started making these videos unlisted so that they can only be found if you have the URL. I’ll be using my channel soon for more “serious” endeavors and figure I might want to clean it up a bit.

For me today sort of put something into perspective for Blackrock Foundry. I really really really like Blackrock Foundry on normal. I think a lot of the fights are fun and when you die it sorta feels like you did it to yourself. Like Highmaul it is well designed and each encounter is delightful. But there is somewhere that it deviates from Heroic Highmaul dramatically and that’s when you get into Heroic Blackrock Foundry. Holy shit am I not liking this.

It’s not even a matter of making no progress on gear. The wipes just aren’t fun. Often you feel helpless like you can’t do anything more than you are doing. You try your hardest then see “dead” cropping up on names in your team. Well fuck, great, time to eat some more gear costs I suppose. That’s my big problem with it. Its very unforgiving and makes a single weak link the death knell of your group. I get that for Mythic, but for me Heroic should be approachable. LFR should be finishable with half your team, Normal should be finishable with 60% of your team, and heroic should be finishable with 70% of your team. With Mythic requiring 80% or more to be up for any chance at survival.

As it stands it feels like a single death is just the end. Might as well wipe it up and get out. That’s not fun at all.

Heroic BRF feels like the kind of balance problems that made Siege of Orgrimmar insufferable. Darn shame, I was hoping not to go back to SOO.

Unrelated to wow my other video game experiences lately are awesome.

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