Raid Day Thursday

//Raid Day Thursday

Raid Day Thursday

The logs for todays raid can be found here. Ultimately there won’t be any video logs today because my PC just couldn’t handle both at the same time. This motherboard is a genuine piece of crap and I can’t wait to replace it on Saturday. I’ll be taking that slow and likely documenting it for funsies. The raid today sort of tested my patience a tiny bit.

We were only fighting Blackhand, the final boss of Blackrock Foundry. I really like the fight and was kinda looking forward to tonight’s fight. He is a three phase fight with some pretty neat mechanics that require a lot of coordination. My problem is that one particular mechanic kept getting people killed, inanimate mines on the ground. I was constantly getting nailed by AOE from folks (often the same ones) running over them.

Whatever, we all make mistakes. Generally I try to condense my mistakes to only getting me killed. It wasn’t a bad night, I actually had a lot of fun and one particular run we got blackhand to 0.0X%. That’s so painful that I can’t really articulate it in words. I mean I probably could but I’m saving that mental energy for this weekend.

Overall I think my personal growth for this year is not too shabby. Playing lots of games, reading lots of books, and trying my best to keep myself busy. Not because I don’t want to spend a moment reflecting, I do that quite a lot too, but more because I don’t want to spend too much time reflecting on unfun things.

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