Raid Day Thursday

//Raid Day Thursday

Raid Day Thursday

You can find the text logs for today’s experience here. Today actually went pretty well for me. I’ve got few complaints. The actual run was pretty bad in terms of progression but my personal improvements felt good. I don’t have much else to add about the raid for today. You can check out the video below if you are interested in watching it.

However I did find this interesting:

Look at that pattern :o

I’m somewhat stunned that the market balanced out so quickly. These peaks and valleys are so incredibly consistent and they did that so fast that I’m at a loss. Is this normal in business? When you are pricing to demand do things equal out this fast? I’d have never guessed.

So yeah. WOW tokens look like they didn’t flip out. That’s kinda nice. Also a bit of a shame because it means I won’t be using them to buy the magic rooster mount. Ah well!

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