Raid Day Thursday – Blackrock Foundry

//Raid Day Thursday – Blackrock Foundry

Raid Day Thursday – Blackrock Foundry

Today went rather well. You can find the text logs here. And the video will eventually show up just below.

I had a good time tonight. I think I’m still feeling general fatigue. The JTT series that I’m running is a good start to try and get my mind off things. I have a bad tendency to think about every event in a lifelong manner. When something happens I think to myself “imagine if this was what the next 40 years of your life was like.”

It is perhaps for that reason that disappointment hits me so hard. Patterns form and you start to wonder just what you’ll do with them. I’ve been playing less wow I think in hopes of slowing down my life. Novelty, supposedly, helps to do that. As our brains get more used to things they let things slip through, speed up time by using up less processor space in our brains.

I don’t know if I want to rush through life. I imagine not, if you take a moment to slow down and experience life slower that probably makes things less impactful. Because you feel like it takes longer to experience each of them.

If you have bad commutes every day but it feels like there is forever between each commute that’s not bad. But if you burn through a week in the blink of an eye it can get really tiring.

Dunno. This was tangentially related to wow. Good game.

Taking tomorrow off. Gonna have the window open probably and take in some fresh air. Maybe read a book on the back porch once the internet guy is done doing his work (or perhaps internet gal is done doing her work).

Maybe not though, because then the cats couldn’t hang out with me.

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