Raid Day Thursday – Heroic Blackrock Foundry

//Raid Day Thursday – Heroic Blackrock Foundry

Raid Day Thursday – Heroic Blackrock Foundry

I got a couple (literally two) best in slot pieces today. That’s kinda nice. Amusingly next patch these items will once again be moot. Raiding has a funny habit of mimicking life in that regard. Each time you get somewhere you level out and realize there is further to go. It only ever really stops when you do. Hedonistic treadmill, running forever, never getting anywhere.

Had a good time in our fights tonight. Most of them went ell and the symbiosis between everyone was very satisfying. Watching a dozen or two people act in harmony is a nice feeling. Once the video uploads and actually converts you can watch it below. I won’t look very excited most of the time but that’s just my general mental exhaustion slipping through.

Also apologies on any weird syntax right now. Gotta write with my eyes closed to think straight. Is what it is. I’m looking forward to the next patch. I’m interested to see where the story for wow goes from here. I know a lot of folks, at least the critics, don’t really enjoy the story. I’m a big fan of it myself though. I’ve never really disliked it. Sure, the end of deathwing was very lackluster but I don’t think they could have ever met my expectations with that fight. A dragon the size of a city?

Holy shit, I was expecting him to shatter Stormwind and for us to battle in the charred remains of it. That didn’t happen. He turned into a tentacle monster and that wasn’t quite as interesting. It made sense though because he was cursed by the old gods. That’s what they do. They tentacle all over the place.

I also really like boats. ^.2 gets a shipyard for our garrisons which is real cool. I’m hoping we can ride a boat from it to the final zone in Draenor. I am not expecting it but if they do it that’ll be great.

Nothing much else to add today. Tomorrow I’ve got another game ready to play. The snowball is doing a good job. Need to send back these yeti microphones and the last of my gear. It was an expensive journey but I’m glad that, at least for now, its finished.

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