Raid Day Wednesday

//Raid Day Wednesday

Raid Day Wednesday

Today we spent about an hour practicing on Archimonde. We didn’t down him but we got fairly close. It does turn out that there is something I don’t like about Archimonde. His final phase is a bit of a clusterfuck.

This was somewhat true of Blackhand as well. The big problem with this is you can’t really practice it without reaching the phase. 6-7 minutes of going through the motions to practice another minute and a half of insanity.

Ultimately the fight is still more or less good. The addition of the fel beam is pretty cute and doesn’t take away from the fight. I just would have preferred some kind of epic transition in phase 4 rather than “let’s just make everything random.”

Is what it is, which I may have already said, but once the night gets this far along it becomes difficult to remember. As for the following, we then downed Socrethar and Iskar. I got some new boots out of the deal and rerolled 50 gold in total. Hooray, those tokens really rock. So handy.

Also, for some reason, I went and got some more candy from the headless horsemen. I’m not sure why I even bother. Even when I do eventually get the mount, if I do, it is going to end up like the legendary cloak where I’m not happy in the slightest. Such bad design.

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