Raid Day Wednesday

//Raid Day Wednesday

Raid Day Wednesday

Today we got a bit further on Heroic Archimonde. I believe our best pull was 7%. Normally that would make me angry but I think this time it sort of harkens the near finish that is on the horizon. Once we have beaten it I don’t think my views on the fight will change. Generally speaking it scales very poorly. If we had a bigger guild we’d have beaten this ages ago.

They need to scale down certain mechanics. 10 Mans should have 1 chain, 15 should have 2 chains, 20 should have 3, and 25 should have 4. There is no reason that 10 and 25 should have the same number of an extremely high amount of damage. The same is true with scaling up the infernals, and so on. It is what it is, they won’t fix it, but it is a fairly unfortunate oversight.

As for my writing, I’m a day and a half behind or so. But that’s just going to happen on the first part of the week. I’ll be waking up early every day to get in extra writing. This morning I got in a thousand words and during lunch I got in a few hundred more. I’ll need to keep that up and I should manage by the end of the month. After that, I’m going to read a few books just to refresh my mind on the level of detail that works for me. Basically see what makes me happy in books and adapt.

For now? Sleepy time, because holy hell I am tired.

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