Raid Day Wednesday

//Raid Day Wednesday

Raid Day Wednesday

You can find the text logs here. We’ve got the first half of the Heroic Raid basically down. That’s a good feeling. Sometimes deaths can be a bit rough because of how sudden they are. Everything is going smoothly and then two people sneeze. Boom, done. Snot everywhere and now the kids are panicking. Dad! They shout. Its in my eyes!

The next thing you know the neighbors are knocking on your door. You panic, they can’t know. So you shout “Go away!” Naturally they take this as suspicious. I mean, hell, your kid is screaming with boogers in their eye. Red and blue lights are flashing and new copters are flying overhead. Madness. All this because you put a little too much pepper on your scrambled eggs. Life is so cruel sometimes.

The door begins to rock. The swat team has been called into action. Joke’s on them ultimately, you never lock your door.

Unfortunately when they burst in and start beating on you with far, far, too many different heavy objects, you no longer can DPS. The worst part is that when you ask them to let you really quick give a status update they just keep on beating. Thanks guys, real great job with that justice. The kids are overreacting anyways, the little bastards peed on you before. Where was the swat team then?!

The moral of the story is that you should really be more careful with pepper. Also, don’t have kids, I guess.

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