Raid Day Wednesday

//Raid Day Wednesday

Raid Day Wednesday

You can find the logs for tonight here. Tonight went alright, we made it all the way to Gorefiend before we had some strange problems. Mistakes were made, and I think it just kind of took the wind out of everyone’s sails. At this point it feels a bit like going through the motions. Working towards better gear to drop the final boss and then, wait. Wait for the next expansion. That’s sort of the interesting catch-22 of Archimonde. He requires good gear to beat and beating him nets you basically nothing because then you are “done”. Sure you could min-max, but I don’t see much reason to.

I rerolled multiple times tonight and walked away with 90 gold. I really feel like Warcraft makes an extra effort to disappoint me. It’s a shame. Probably why I find myself less and less interested in it. Their other games seem to make an effort to be fun and engaging. But WoW has been going towards this downward spiral of trying to maximize retention. The methods they are achieving that (or failing, as it were) are very hostile and unfortunate.

And then I come to the final thoughts on comedy. Comedy is tough. Because sometimes you make assumptions about people and their lives and you make a joke towards the dark opposite of what you think is true. But when your joke lands right on the nerve it ends up being awfully unsettling. It’s happened to me a fair number of times in the past, and maybe I’ve done it to some others. However I will admit that tonight was a very unfortunate time to have it happen again.

C’est La Vie.

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