Raid Day Wednesday

//Raid Day Wednesday

Raid Day Wednesday

You can find details about our experience here. Fel Lord Zakuun is not necessarily a terrible boss fight, I don’t mind dying to him. I will walk away from tonight not ultimately being unhappy. The large flaw in his design is that he is RNG based. They’ve “balanced” this by having the die roll be a choose your adventure system.

It effectively rolls 3, 6 sided die. Not sure if a comma is appropriate there but I wanted to make the distinction clear. You then see the results and choose which one of the three you like. Lets say that anything over a 3 is a winner. This means that quite often you’ll find at least 1 die that is over 3. There is a 50% chance that a single die will be over 3. It could be a 4, a 5, or a 6…obviously. Drag this across 3 die and you have a fair chance that one of them will be higher than 3. How much of a chance? I think an 87.5% chance, but frankly I’m tired and for some reason certain simple math problems confound me.

But regardless, even with relatively good odds, you can still be left totally fucked. No matter how good your group plays there are certain layouts that are just naturally going to make it worse for you. On the macro level this evens out across all groups playing the raid, but I don’t really care about them as far as my experience is concerned. They could be having the gayest time imaginable, just laughing it up. Bunch of fireworks exploding as those spires line up beautifully in a corner chatting about bourbon.

But if my pillars are all grouped up in the center like some kind of line cutting, talking in the theater, scum of the earth, then I suspect I’m properly fucked. My fun is gone. Its just me and the certainty that sometime soon a few purple waves are going to touch sensitive people and the resulting explosion will send my entrails across the wall like so many Jackson Pollocks.

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