Raid Day Wednesday ~ Hellfire Citadel!

//Raid Day Wednesday ~ Hellfire Citadel!

Raid Day Wednesday ~ Hellfire Citadel!

Today we began Hellfire Citadel. The newest (and maybe final) raid of this expansion. I don’t have much to say because frankly I’m tired and it is both late and hot in Canyon Country. But I’ll give a brief bit of thought on the fights as they stand. We fought the Hellfire Assault, the Iron Reaver, Hellfire High Council, and Kormrok.

The Hellfire Assault fight is incredibly boring. It takes the worst part of the Galakras fight and makes that the entire fight. Whoever thought to do this was poorly mistaken and should probably be put in time out. Not only that but the area has a lot of invisible walls that are way way far from any actual models to justify them. The fight ends about as abruptly as fights can end with you shaking your head and wondering what the point was.

The Iron Reaver fight isn’t terrible. But I did feel like the bombs had too much HP and that the fire created weird mechanics problems. It looked alright as a model and the fire was gorgeous but overall I didn’t really enjoy it. It wasn’t bad, and the tackle was funny, but overall I was unimpressed. This fight lacks the quality of some of the highmaul fights (like the twins or tectus).

Hellfire High Council is pretty cool. Three unique bosses with unique mechanics that all overlap and can potentially wipe the raid if handled poorly. It seems solid in normal and I’m interested in seeing it in heroic. I don’t think I have any complaints about this fight. This is about the quality I’d like to see from the rest of the fights. Which leads me into…

Kormrok! This fight is cool! The boss looks cool (adorable even), the zone is gorgeous with a mix of vibrant colors and the trademark “fel green”. The mechanics are all fun and give you hints of nostalgia from previous raids. This was sweet. We fought it the first time basically without preparation and it was a blast. Got him to 11% before we wiped hard. I like this fight a lot and hope that on heroic it’s not a painful slog. That quality of fun with a bit more challenge would be great. Kormok is where it’s at for real. Unfortunately my AMR addon updated which meant that I didn’t log most of the raid (annoying). You can find what little text logs I have here. The fight should eventually be at the top of this post.

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