Raid Day Wednesday ~ Shadow-Lord Iskar & Fel Lord Zakuun

You can find the text logs here. Shadow-Lord is an interesting fight. The timer on it is apparently broken at the moment and his berserk is going off a minute too early. You’ll see it, we keep getting within a minute of killing him and BOOM. Hellfire and brimstone. Naturally we must have beat it because we are talking about two bosses today.

I don’t know how I feel about this boss. I did really really good DPS on it but it was a bit stressful. The final fight as great and I’m glad we finished him but he definitely needs some tuning.

Fel Lord Zakuun was pretty cool. His ending is very unfortunate (boring) but his moves and the visuals in the area are pretty good. The fight might be a little too easy but after Iskar I think it’s a welcome refresher. That helped the night not feel like it had been wasted. But again…they are really slacking on cut scenes :/.