Raid Day Wednesday ~ Thoughts on Blackhand

//Raid Day Wednesday ~ Thoughts on Blackhand

Raid Day Wednesday ~ Thoughts on Blackhand

Tonight we put up a valiant effort against Blackhand. I still like the fight. It has a few flaws that erk me but they aren’t anything to really get angry about in earnest.

The first of the two things is the smash he does in each phase. In the first phase it doesn’t really matter but in phase 2 and phase 3 the flaw in its design becomes impossible to overlook.

The vector that determines where the smash will send you is not relative to Blackhand. It is relative to the tank being hit. Now I understand the “lore” reason this might be the case. He’s smashing the ground and that sends out a shockwave that sends everyone up into the air.

That would work if this game tried at all to make sense. But in the iron maidens fight you have everyone line up to take a piercing bullet blast so that the end target takes less damage. Let that sink in. You have 10 people line up to be human shields for the 11th person.

Anyways. This causes a big problem in the blackhand fight because managing those moving vectors is much harder than managing the angle from you to the boss. The boss only rotates most of the time, tanks move forward and backwards. It’s a pretty bad design that taints an otherwise enjoyable experience.

The second problem is the fatal throw in stage 3. I don’t know the exact name off the top of my head but he throws a spear (or something) at two people. Anyone between those people and the boss will take very high amounts of damage. It’s basically certain death for anyone hit by it.

If a single person isn’t paying attention it wipes the entire raid. I get it, we want coordination, but that’s a lot of pressure to put on people. It sucks to be that one person that gets everyone killed on a run that would have otherwise been a success.

I’m saying this not as someone that did it, I was the victim each time (kept getting nailed by people not moving), but I can empathize with how shitty it feels to get called out.

This particular move should deal damage to the target based on how many people it hits before it reaches them. Hits nobody else? 1x damage, hits 1 other person? either 2x or say 20% more damage.

In this way paying attention is important because each death is a loss of tens of thousands of damage per second. But letting your mind wander for a second won’t waste 7-10 minutes of a dozen to two dozen people’s lives.

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