Raid Day Yesterday

//Raid Day Yesterday

Raid Day Yesterday

We downed Xhul’horac tonight, which was nice. I fucked up pretty bad but luckily I did it on the attempt where he actually died. So I like to think that my fuckery was what got us to the promised land.

Xhul is a weird weird fight. I feel like things are not quite balanced on Xhul. His imps have just too much life to be reasonably controlled. Yes, I’m aware, if your people have high enough gear the imps will die faster.

But if your whole team is wearing Mythic gear they don’t really need to be downing a Heroic boss, now do they? The fight itself didn’t bother me, I felt like we made some nice progress and downed him fast enough. We are getting to the promised land, soon we might finish this on Heroic for AOTC and I can hang up my raiding chaps.

It will be nice. I don’t suspect I’ll ever care to professionally raid again after this. And I don’t think I’ll miss it.

Time will tell.

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