Reading, Raiding, and Arithmetic

//Reading, Raiding, and Arithmetic

Reading, Raiding, and Arithmetic

  I’ve nearly finished Stephen King’s “On Writing” and I would suggest it to absolutely anyone who enjoys writing in any meaningful fashion. He gives solid advice and presents it in a way that doesn’t make you think he likes the smell of his own farts.

  One of the suggestions in the book is to write 2000 words a day for your story and to do this 7 days a week, he offers to new readers the option of writing 1000 words at 6 days a week. I don’t know about the 6 days option but I have set my minimum to 1000. I’m managing a bit more than that having hit over the 2K mark yesterday. If I really get down into writing I find that I can do it for a while and not want to stop, my fear is that I’ll do what I do with exercising and overdo it totally burning myself out.

  Enthusiasm can be a killer.

  In totally unrelated news I have also reached level 33 in Guild Wars 2. I’ll probably write a “halfway” review at 40. Thus far it is one of the best games I’ve played in the last decade. They have managed to create the ultimate MMO in my opinion, it is a single player game that happens to have other people all over it. As a socially introverted individual this is my ideal world and what’s more is that the entire experience is world vs. world.

  This means that your server is working as a cohesive and positive unit, it is other servers that are your enemy. This I think is the ideal way to work an online game, companionship and cohesiveness are utterly essential to the multiplayer experience. The rest of our lives is spent being in conflict and distrust, especially with modern news pushing this agenda, and to have entertainment shift to something positive and uplifting is an idea I can get behind.

  In closing I am curious about the nature of student loans, my preliminary bias is that I think they should be entirely government provided and I have a pretty solid reasoning. I have no less than 200 dollars of every month given to a bank because of my student loans, by the end of this I will likely have given them 40-50 thousand dollars that was not spent elsewhere.

  These banks are very unlikely to put this money towards actual improvements of the community or the nation. The money gets funneled into individuals who will then store it in offshore accounts to minimize taxation and as such this is lost revenue for the government.

  If the government gave me the loan they would be paid back the money they invested in me and get the extra interest as basically a kind of “education tax” and that tax could be used to fund the government in its many programs (ideally funneled back into education, but I know how it is currently).

  If citizens are going to lose buying power because of a rigged educational system I’d much rather that money go towards the government where there is a tiny chance it might be used to better my life than to give it to companies that are becoming infamous for their constant mistreatment of people and the nations that they exist within.

  Again, no research done, just something that popped into my mind at target. I know, target, the center for mental stimulation. But regardless I’m apparently not far off in my random thought today.

To say this is unrelated would be an understatement...

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