Reading, Writing, and…

  That dry feeling behind my eyes tells me that it is getting late. I really need to shift these things to the early morning as planned so that I stop writing when my brain has turned to utter mush. It’s been a darn shame lately because my normal sources for material to talk about are all dry. Which might be a good thing.

  When I was in college one of the projects we had to do was write a story on the fly. You were given a set of random restrictions and then had to write about it. It was the source of one of my short stories “The Alabaster Bonobo” and was actually quite fun.

  I think I might try something, now this is a heated idea because naturally if I think I’m going to do something I almost never do it (just a personal quirk). When I don’t have anything better to talk about I’m going to start writing a short story. I don’t know when it’ll end, I only vaguely have an idea what it’ll be about, and lord knows it will not have any sort of editing or proper grammar.

  But if you’ve been reading for longer than a post you know that this is all par for the course.


Searched the word “Idea’” and saw this image. I like it a lot, so here we are.