Rebuild finally complete. Video Updates incoming.

//Rebuild finally complete. Video Updates incoming.

Rebuild finally complete. Video Updates incoming.

Well I finally got my PC rebuilt. It will remain to be seen if this was an upgrade or not. I had to do some very ghetto things to get the new water cooler to install.

The choices with corsair appear to be either, it won’t fit my motherboard, or it won’t fit my case. Both are fairly irritating situations to be stuck in. The CPU is currently hovering at around 37 degrees Celsius which isn’t terrible. I’ll be interested to see how it handles under load.

Windows 8.1 is downloading (I reformatted, btw). Once that is finished it will be the fun job of cleaning house and installing what I need.

This is one of my favorite parts of owning a PC. Strangely it doesn’t have me excited as it normally would. That sense of dread that has been lingering in my mind still holds strong and it has removed some of the color from all my day to day interactions.

It didn’t help that I got some unfortunate work news this weekend. It’s not about me, or Liz, but ultimately someone has made a life decision and its a bummer. I have a bad problem of making friends at jobs.

When you do this and people inevitably leave it stings. It is what it is though. Life is all about the rise and fall of friendships. Though we’ll still be friends and I’ll still harass him online, but you get my point. Work will be a little less fun.

I made a video of me testing my new motherboard. It went alright. I’ll edit it and upload it once I get this PC up to speed.

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