Returning to the Phone Nanny

I think it is about time that I start using my phone as a Nanny again. Setting up alarms for specific days of the week to have a schedule that I can live with. I think I’m going to try two weeks of the following and if it goes well I’ll extend it another two weeks. After that, a month, and so on. It pays to try things out and see how they go. But what will the schedule be? The first thing we must note is that I’ve got raids on Mondays and Wednesdays.

So we’ll have an alarm set for 11 PM on those days. The moment it goes off I need to activate operation “Sleepy time”. This involves taking care of the cats, showering, and sleeping. No fun time with my phone once this alarm goes off. Just close up my day and sleep.

Monday – 11PM.
Wednesday – 11PM.

What about Tuesday? Well I’ve got no raids that day. I think that being in bed by 11PM is a fairly good goal. But I think we can do one better. We’ll set an alarm for 10PM. I’ll write whatever article I’m going to write. Then following that I’ll activate “Sleepy time”. Sounds good. The same is true of Thursday through Sunday. On each of these days I’ll start shutting down my day at 10PM. With the only thing standing between me and “Sleepy time” is the length of time it takes me to write one of these bad boys. Sometimes that’ll be fast, sometimes that’ll be slow. But I’d like to keep up with these until the end of 2015.

Monday – 11PM.
Tuesday – 10~11PM.
Wednesday – 11PM.
Thursday – 10~11PM.
Friday 10~11PM.
Saturday 10~11PM.
Sunday 10~11PM.

Do we have any cheats? Sure. If I get to bed before 11PM I’m going to allow myself to read a book. I’m tempted to say “portable games” as well but lets start with reading books. November is edging ever closer and I need to get into the “mood” for NaNoWriMo. Additionally I’ve got a lot of books to read. If I get to bed sooner I’ll wake up earlier and I can use that early time to write, read, or play games. Ultimately that’s my theory. That I’ll do this and find myself waking up earlier. This’ll be good. early morning is one of my favorite times when I wake up into it naturally.

I’m going to put in an optional gain that I’ll talk about whenever I accomplish it. If I find myself “awake” before I shower I can lift some weights to help exhaust myself. I know some folks have trouble sleeping when they exercise but it tends to knock me right out. So that’s that, after I post this I’m going to set my alarms and see how this goes. I’ve got another project coming soon, on my Birthday, which’ll make this considerably easier. But one thing at a time. Its nice that this will be nearly done (for its two week duration) when I grab that. We’ll see how well they mesh together.