Reviews: Ant-Man

//Reviews: Ant-Man

Reviews: Ant-Man

I’ve been hearing about Ant-Man for a while now. Apparently every reviewer and their cousin saw this film early. That’s fine, I’m not jealous or anything. But regardless I finally saw it today. I was pleasantly impressed. That might be too soft of wording for how much I enjoyed this film. Note that during this film an old man sitting right behind me would not stop talking. Basically restaurant level voice the entire goddamn time. Even with that happening I still had a great time with this film. Let’s cover all of the things that it does right.

The Story is great.

The story for this is not groundbreaking or unique but it is perfectly balanced. The jokes are always well timed and welcome. The villains and heroes are obvious but it works to the films favor. For things that wouldn’t improve the film they make it obvious and for things that will they leave you surprised. You know that invariably person A is going to do thing C. But what you don’t know is how they are going to get there. The actors they chose for this film were all fantastic. Paul Rudd nailed his role perfectly. He encapsulates a lot of the things I like about Kamala Khan. He’s scared when a normal person would be scared, excited when a normal person would be excited, and so on. You take this journey alongside him as if he wasn’t some kind of broken person.

Too often hero characters have extremely alpha personalities. This leaves them almost impossible to relate with. That doesn’t make them boring. I adore all of the avengers. But I’m more of a tagalong rather than a companion.

Michael Douglas is also great. I really enjoyed him. As is true of everyone else, Evangeline Lilly as Hank Pym’s daughter was pretty solid too. She almost slipped into a cliche role that worried me but they threw that aside almost as quickly as it appeared. “Yeah no,” the writers seemed to say “We aren’t wasting film time with that tired old misunderstandings trope.”

The CG is great

This film relies heavily on CGI. As it has to, we haven’t yet figured out how to make normal people the size of ants and as such we have to use computer graphics for a lot of it. However that is not a problem here. The CGI work is probably the best they’ve done yet. The action scenes manage to mix comedy and drama together in ways that really really work. The train scene that everyone saw in the trailer was actually still funny when seeing it in context. I’ve read that this film was made on a smaller budget and consider me shocked. They really used every dollar towards something worthwhile in this.

The actors also did a fantastic job simulating what, presumably, it would be like to get the shit beat out of you by a man the size of a water droplet. Considering how poorly the fight choreography was in the Dark Knight Rises (a movie I like, but still) they deserve plenty of credit for making something so silly seem authentic.

The integration into the Marvel universe is great.

I won’t spoil the “how” to this film being tied into the marvel cinematic universe. But the way it is handled is great. They managed to work it without it feeling ham fisted at all. Honestly now that I’m thinking about it nothing in this film really felt all that ham fisted… Well…ok. There was one thing that is entirely unrelated to this bullet point. But what else needs to be said? So lets move onto that.

You’ll know the part when you see it. Involving helicopters and bullets. It’ll be the only moment in a film that is full of preposterous premises that you’ll be like “Uh no…” But that’s alright, what happens is a small infraction and hardly enough to even in the slightest taint the film.

I loved the film from front to back and will happily watch it again someday in my home. I had a miserable time physically in the theatre because theatres don’t really give a shit about people anymore. But the film itself is fantastic. Go see it. I’d be surprised if you don’t enjoy yourself and I’d not be surprised if you loved it.

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