Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron

///Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Earlier today I went to see Age of Ultron. I’ve managed to go the last couple of years with almost no information on the film. I know what Ultron is, I know the lore from the comics that surrounds him, but otherwise I was blind on the film. This was a challenge. We now live in an age of interconnectedness which makes being ignorant almost impossible. It requires a remarkable level of effort.

I’m glad I did though. I was able to enjoy every moment of this film. Where previous films blew their action load in the trailers, and from what I understand this one did too, I got to see it nice and fresh. Age of Ultron is another one of those great marvel experiences. Joss Whedon is a magical magical man, I’ve enjoyed basically everything that he’s done and I suspect I will continue to do so from here on out. There were moments in the film where I was just lost in the splendor. It is something almost indescribable to see the paragons of your childhood being roleplayed in such a dramatic and public way. To see so much effort go into making the Hulk look like the Hulk.

Almost every bit of CGI was expertly done and helped to keep me in the moment. There was only one tiny snaffu near the end that did little to impact my enjoyment. Otherwise the digital team behind this film did an astounding job. The audio too was top notch, the music and sound effects all hit hard, crisp, and clear [but I repeat myself]. The story manages to sneak in a few tropes that leave you expecting things to happen and then they don’t. On the other side of things various reveals actually did surprise me. I’m sure other people will see where the film is going before it gets there but I was surprised on more than one occasion.

Part of this comes from my own biases towards the subject matter. I adore superhero films that are made with passion. This is most certainly one of them. The choreography in the combat scenes is really good. The camera might be a bit too shaky from time to time but the fights still play out pretty great. It’s not on par with the better kung fu films of our age (and ages past) but that’s also not the focus of the film. I’m sure it didn’t cover food as well as a culinary movie would either.

Ultron is a compelling villain that I really enjoyed. A few times during the film he steals the scenes, an interesting mix of innocence and jaded wisdom. He knows too much for his own good.

Age of Ultron is a self aware film as well. It takes a few cracks at itself during the film. Never to the level of Deadpool but just enough to let you know that Whedon is aware of how silly things are in superhero films. For the most part it remains internally consistent though which is all that really matters.

I loved the beginning, really enjoyed the middle, and loved the end. I ended up seeing this film with nausea which was a terrible terrible plan. There are parts of the movie that are so awesome that they cause your stomach to clench. This movie nearly caused me to throw up. I don’t think I could rate it as anything but great. It isn’t often that something throws my childhood nerd into critical.

I don’t have kids but I think it would be quite a treat someday to watch this epoch of marvel films once the smoke finally settles. For now though, I’ll happily keep watching these for as long as they keep putting effort into them. Great stuff, go see it, if you have even the smallest interest in superheroes this film is going to make you geek out hard.

PS. The comedy was spot on.

PPS. Mark Ruffalo.

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