Reviews: Daredevil

///Reviews: Daredevil

Reviews: Daredevil

I want to write more about this show in the future. For now I’m just going to cover some of the specifics. Firstly I suggest that you go watch this show at your earliest convenience. Daredevil on Netflix is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. The cinematography is immaculate, every scene is wonderfully lit and framed. I loved every area used and can see them so well in my mind. Little is forgettable.

The casting is so, so, good. Everyone is perfect for their roles. The most sinister bastards had full fleshed out personalities. Nobody in this show was an easy target. They gave you real people on either side of the fight. Hero stories don’t tend to do this. Villains are usually one sided with a little token gesture to them being something more. This decision, at least I suspect it was a decision, by the writers made the show somewhat rough to watch. What would normally be a hero beating in the faces of super villains ends up feeling like a bunch of crossed wires that turns things from bad to worse.

And worse. And worse.

It spirals out of control and by the end you’ll be seeing almost nothing but bad things happening. Everyone is guilty and yet I feel some kind of dissonance. Like the show wants me to root for one side. The music threw me off because it kept hinting that I should be celebrating but I just felt dirty and sad. This show, more than any other hero show, introduced me to characters that I was deeply interested in.

I wanted nearly everyone to just keep on going and fighting. For us to see them develop and to be reminded that life is not so simple. But I don’t know if they trusted their own product. That perhaps the decisions made were because they didn’t think there’d be a second season. Now that the show is over I miss it. There will likely be a second season but I don’t think it will match the first.

Largely because the people they had were perfect. This is like the trinity killer season on Dexter. Once you’ve done something this good you’ve properly fucked yourself for the future. The same thing happened with Batman and Heath Ledger. It happens all across the entertainment industry.

Even though I’m very, very, mad at the show I still think it is one of the best things available on your television. It might not make me happy but I respect everything that it did. This is what people deserve. This story isn’t “dark”, its honest. Sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes no matter how much you wish you could be happy, sometimes you just can’t. Sometimes a monster looms from the shadows and steals everything from you. You grasp at straws all around you trying to recover it and to protect your dream.

But once it starts going, it’s gone.

If we ever get a punisher series I have a feeling its going to be a lot like this one. Except the ability to root on the hero is going to be even harder there. Not much else to say for today. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Daredevil is a show that is going to stick with me and probably one I’ll write, or rant, about more than once more in the future.

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