Reviews: Deadpool

///Reviews: Deadpool

Reviews: Deadpool

I’m going to just get this out of the way, like I generally do, I really enjoyed this film. I had a great time from start to finish and I really do think this was a great movie. It was one of the best times I’ve had in a theatre in years and I’m genuinely glad I was able to experience it. This movie reminded me of why I like movies and I would recommend it to anyone. Now with that out of the way I’m going to talk a bit more about it. There might be some tiny spoilers incoming, so if you’d like to see the film totally fresh just walk away now and go see it.

Before the movie released I saw basically nothing about it. The first leaked footage had me pining for something that I thought would never be. Then a while passed, and suddenly I hear that it was actually being made. I saw the very first trailer following that and then nothing more. Lucky for me that this was my experience! Because all the jokes from that first trailer are in basically the first 5 minutes of the movie. From every moment following I was in for surprises and a lot of laughs.

And I do mean a lot. I swear the entire audience was losing their minds while we watched this. It was desperately funny almost all the time. Whenever it wasn’t funny it was exciting. And whenever it wasn’t exciting it was interesting. This movie is honest to itself and it does exactly what it set out to do. I appreciate that and I’m happy that it didn’t bend to any unreasonable requests from focus groups of soccer moms. The movie is violent, which is what you’d expect of deadpool. Much like Wolverine, he’s as pretty vicious “hero” character. But I would argue that this movie isn’t malicious. The jokes might be peppered with violence before, during, and after them, but I feel like anyone could go see this movie. It doesn’t get its laughs by demeaning people or anything that generally gets folks knickers in a twist these days.

There is a joke where he’s about to kill a couple of female criminals where he’s reflecting on whether it is sexist to hurt them or if it’s sexist to not hurt them. To some, that might be a throwaway joke, but I thought it was really good. He’s standing there apologizing but at the same time they are trying to kill him. There are a lot of fairly smart jokes in this film, and a lot of lowbrow jokes as well. And for me that’s great! This is what I used to love about movies! Think back to something like Bill and Ted, or Austin Powers. These movies that had tons of great jokes and were just silly. They had fun with themselves and because of it you had fun too! They didn’t need to send a message or tip toe around feelings. They shocked you, they amused you, and by the end of it you were a better person for it.

Not necessarily because it enriched you but because for a few hours you forgot about everything else. You sat there and felt nonstop joy. This, for me, is what movies are about. Feeling great and feeling like every last cent you spent to see the film was worth it. I have 0 complaints about how much it cost to see this movie, and generally I grumble about ticket costs. This isn’t a perfect film but frankly I don’t see the point in nitpicking a good time. Nothing is perfect and this constant struggle to sound sophisticated by pulling things apart has grown tiresome for me.

There were a ton of children at this film. There is a ton of sex and violence in this film. You might think that means I’m bothered by these two truths. But frankly no. Science seems to suggest that there is no connection between seeing this kinda stuff and becoming an awful person. And furthermore the kids at our screening were awesome! They laughed during the funny parts and were quiet whenever they should be quiet. I dunno how I lucked out but we got a ton of fantastic parents at this screening. Sure, culturally, they look bad. But I think they did great! Those were some good kids!

In fact the only bad experience out of the whole thing happened 10 minutes before the movie ended. A couple 30/40 something movie hoppers came in and were loud as shit. But by then it was too late! I had had a great time for the entire duration of the film! Nothing was bringing me down. Even Stan Lee’s cameo was hilarious to me. He’s kind of like an innocent grandfather figure and seeing him in his cameo was just a twisted pleasure.

Go see Deadpool, I can’t really think of any reason you shouldn’t. Even the two X-Men that are in it are some of my favorite portrayals in recent times (though the new class has generally been fantastic). Colossus in particular was el perfecto.

Just, lovely. Giving this a solid Great. 5 stars, not “perfect”, but for me it was a perfectly great time.

[There were a number of jokes that went by lightning fast and I missed them. Liz caught them and looked at me. All this means is that I’ve gotta see it again when it comes out on Bluray! Catch all those moments I missed!]

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