Reviews: Don’t Cross Your Eyes…

In an effort to catch up on my reading posts I figured today was a good day to review another of the books I’ve read this year. The final of the three Aaron Carroll books that exist (as far as I’m aware). Not to discount Rachel Vreeman who co-wrote it. I only mention him first because he’s the one that most people are aware of. Anyways, sociopolitics and whatnot out of the way. What did I think of the book?

Carroll and Vreeman herein called Carman are an amazing writing duo. Their books delight me from the first page until the last. I’ve mentioned it before I think but these books do an interesting job of telling you things you already knew and then once your confidence is at its peak they drop a bombshell on you. A “Fact” you thought you knew that turned out to be a lie. There are a surprisingly high number of things that I hear once and then they just kinda fester in my brain. I think they are true because the more time between you and a piece of information the more you’ll believe it to be true, regardless of merit.

In particular the book talks about Artificial Sweeteners and their connection to cancer. There really is none. Fascinating then that so many people at my job think this to be true. They talk about the inevitable and early onset death that you’ll suffer if you take any of the variety of artificial sweeteners provided by our company. You’d think something as important as our health would have our undivided attention. But more and more it looks like people take positive news with skepticism and negative news as gospel. This is why it is so easy to convince people that vaccines cause autism. Sure there is absolutely no credible evidence, at all, anywhere, that finds a connection. Not a single country, state, or institution has found anything. Yet people choose to endanger their kids and innocent people. Why? A porn star told them there was a connection.

Fascinating really. How about the title of the book? I remember being told that if I crossed my eyes or made a funny face it would be stuck that way. These things are completely preposterous when you think about it but it never really crossed my mind. Heck, you’d have to put some effort into screwing up your eyes in general. Unfortunately one of those things IS rubbing them. Thanks Carman…go and make one of my favorite activities a no-no!

Ah well. Anyways, the book is well written. The topics are fun even when you know the answer. Every joke is solid, every word has its place. If you want a book that’ll educate and entertain you (two things that should always be siblings) this is a great way to go. All three books are good. Some of my favorite gifts of the last year. I know this sounds like I should put them under “great” and maybe they deserve that?

Though I tend to think of great things as things you shouldn’t miss out in life. These are damn close. Though I’d say that Aaron’s YouTube show is much more unskippable. So go grab this book, grab the other two, and then watch his show. You’ll learn a ton, have a great time, and meet a great person you otherwise might have missed!

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Another excellent book that is well worth your time. The jokes are good, the info is good, and you are unlikely to walk away from the experience unhappy.

Overall Score 4

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