Reviews: Don’t Put that in there!

///Reviews: Don’t Put that in there!

Reviews: Don’t Put that in there!

If you’ve ever wondered how many “facts” about sex you know are actually facts, look no further. This book is nice because it covers a ton of fairly common myths and a few that I’d never even considered before. For a long time after I was introduced to the concept of sexually transmitted infections I found myself paranoid of public toilets. The numbers they tell you in school always make it sound like every person sitting around you is just festering with disease. The truth is much different obviously. It is extremely difficult to pick up an infection from a toilet. If you are going to get one you’ll probably not be surprised.

Toilets are pretty clean, all things considered. I wouldn’t recommend eating off them but they are much cleaner on average than your keyboard. Yet most folks don’t find keyboards haunting and terrifying. Of course I don’t put my ass on my keyboard either but its a pretty well insulated thing. Butts keep the outside world outside pretty well. With a few exceptions (which are covered in this book ad nauseum).

The myth that caught me off guard the most was that wearing two condoms is not, in fact, dangerous. Not only is it not dangerous but it can cause a net improvement on your overall safety. At a certain point one might wonder why you’d bother though and I’m guessing there is an upper threshold. I presume sticking 90 of them over one another like a russian nesting doll would not be the best strategy. Regardless this little factoid blew my mind. Mostly because I had heard that condoms tear like tissue paper if they so much as see another condom. Something ingrained in every single health course I’ve ever taken. Amazing really that this sort of thing can sneak along in the US. We have some serious problems here with education. People scared of vaccines, scared of condoms, and yet not scared of climate change…awfully strange. It’s like we choose to fear what we shouldn’t and not what we should.

But I digress. The book is wonderfully written and has the same wit that I found in “Don’t Swallow Your Gum!” Aaron and Rachel are deeply funny and their method for information delivery is impeccable. They give you quick succinct explanations of all the data and then a series of citations in case you’d like to go read more. I’m sure most people won’t but I think this sort of thing should be required of literature. If Bill O’Reilly is so convinced he’s correct he should prove it (or anyone else writing inane books). Citations are so delightful for me and I love to read up on the papers referenced.

This is a pretty good book. Well worth your time. If you were ever curious about various sexual health stories floating around you’ll likely find the answer to them in here. It gets funny for a bit as they knock out the one hundred and one (it feels like) myths about the penis. It’s like I’m carrying around a unicorn in my pants or something. Amazed at how much wonder and mystery surrounds something that you’d figure half the planet has.

Go give it a read. Even if you don’t buy it through my link I recommend it. You’ll probably smile a bit, learn, and ultimately be happy to have it on your shelf.

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